Quaid-E-Azam Address – Animal Quarantine Department

Quaid-E-Azam Address to Public Servants

“You should not be influenced by any political pressure, by any political part or individual politician. If you want to raise the prestige and greatness of Pakistan, you must not fall a victim to any pressure but do your duty as servant to the people and the state, fearlessly and honestly. Services are the backbone of the state. Governments are formed, Governments are defeated, Prime Ministers come and go, Ministers come and go, but you stay on, and therefore, there is a great responsibility places on your shoulders. Make the people feel that you are their servants and friends, maintain the highest standard of honor, integrity, justice and fair play. Work honestly and sincerely”.

Exracts from Quaid-E-Azam address to Public Servants at Chittagong and Government House Peshawar on 25th March and 14th April, 1948