List of Approved Establishment – Animal Quarantine Department

List of Approved Establishment

Approved Establishment
List of Registered Slaughterhouses
Amendments made in the Import Policy Order, 2016
Export of Perishable Goods namely Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products and Meat against Pak. Rupees instead of Dollars
Import of Fish & Fisheries Products
Import of Live Animals from BSE infected countries
Export of Livestock
In Pursuance of the PTA between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Indonesia
Amendment in Export Policy Order 2007 [This ban shall also not apply on poultry origin hydrolyzed protein (protein meal), blood meal, poultry fat, poultry liver meal, meat and bone meals (raw material originating 100% from by-products from poultry slaughter) from the aforesaid BSE infected countries.