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SRO 1207(1)/2017 20-11-2017 Amendments made in the Import Policy Order, 2016 with regard to Import of Beef
SRO 1067(1)/2017 23-10-2017 Amendments made in the Import Policy Order, 2016
SRO 805(1)/2015 17-08-2015 Export of Perishable Goods namely Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products and Meat against Pak. Rupees instead of Dollars
SRO 164(1)/2015 24-02-2015 Import of Fish & Fisheries Products
 SRO 646 (1)/2014 18-07-2014 Import of Live Animals from BSE infected countries
SRO-969(I)/2013 21-04-2014 Export of Livestock
SRO 1485(I)/2012 22-12-2012 In Pursuance of the PTA between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Indonesia
SRO 0187(I)/2008 28-02-2008 Amendment in Export Policy Order 2007 [This ban shall also not apply on poultry origin hydrolyzed protein (protein meal), blood meal, poultry fat, poultry liver meal, meat and bone meals (raw material originating 100% from by-products from poultry slaughter) from the aforesaid BSE infected countries.